Monogram is a monospace bitmap font, free and CC0!

Donations appreciated!


Monogram is available in TrueType, bitmap or as a PICO-8 custom font.

Just load it into your preferred game engine or framework and you're ready to go!


The font is monospaced, compact and designed to be legible in small or large resolutions.

Use it in your IDE, terminal or fantasy console!

made with monogram:

technical details:

charsets: english, español, русский, português, dansk...
...and more!

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Tags8-Bit, assets, Fonts, PICO-8, pixel, Retro
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal


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Development log


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Thank you so much for the font ! We used it for our Ludum 51 entry, it really helped us to create a retro style.

Hi datagoblin !

Your font has been used for this JAM game :, for the dialogues.

I hope you will enjoy the result, and maybe enjoy 5 minutes on the game ! 

My favourite pixel art font ever

I love your font! Thank you for creating it and making it free!

Thanks for creating this font!

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Absolutely Love your Font.. But I am having trouble loading the monogram-bitmap.json file.. can you explain how this file should be loaded?
I wanted to load it using python.. :D

EDIT: Apr 30
I understood the format by little bit of hacking around.. leaving note..
format is 12 rows of pixels.. and the number's binary representation is the actually part of glyph..


binary(14): . 1 1 1 .

binary(17): 1 . . . 1

binary(25): 1 1 . . 1

binary(21): 1 . 1 . 1

binary(19): 1 . . 1 1

binary(17): 1 . . . 1

binary(14): . 1 1 1 .

Again.. Thanks For The Font. Datagoblin!


Was looking at monospace fonts for text-art projects and saw this.  I tried viewing one of my pieces with this font and I like how it looks!  Excellent font :)

Great font, I used it in my jam game:

I love this font, but I've noticed there's a lot of white space at the top of each character. So, for example, when I use this font in a game and lay out some text at (0, 0), it's more like it's at (0, 4). With other fonts, this renders correctly.

Not sure if that's the cause, but monogram-extended does have some pretty tall accented uppercase characters like ÂÉÌÕÜ. The diacritics are at most 3 pixels tall though, not 4. Any chance the whitespace you're seeing is the padding to accommodate that?

Ah, that might be it. Though I'd expect other fonts to have similar issues... I've tried limiting the character range and also adjusting heights in the font file itself with no luck.


This font is very cute and functional. I'm using it for personal use to customize certain apps on my macbook. :-) Thank you!

Glad you like it!

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Thank you for the font! I've made a fork of it so it would work as an 8x8 GameBoy font. It wasn't easy, but I hope I managed to keep it mostly as pretty as it is now.


Hey, that's pretty cool! Glad you like it!


I have made a fork of your fork for use as a Playdate Pulp font!!!!!!! <3

It's sorta crazy to me that we're two levels deep in forking this dumb little font I almost didn't even release.

Happy you like it! Please let me know if any Playdate games wind up using it!

Very nice looking. I think I accidentally bought it twice, Paypal says those are pending. Ah well!


Thanks a lot! PayPal has been acting up lately, but I've refunded one of your purchases, so it should all be cleared now!

Ah k thanks!  

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I wonder a bit what the minimal ideal font sizes are. By that I mean the smallest sizes at which all glyphes are displayed correctly.

From what I could determine by experimentation they are: In Aseprite 1.2.27: monogram.ttf: 18 (weird vertical offsets at 9, missing glyphs, for example Ü, ) monogram-extended.ttf: 16

In GIMP 2.10.24: monogram.ttf: 9 monogram-extended.ttf: 16

I assume what I determined using GIMP is correct and Aseprite has font rendering issues?

It's strange that the base and extended fonts have different sizes. I'd expect the correct size to be at 16px. I'll look into it and see if anything went wrong in the export.

As for missing characters, monogram.ttf only has 104 glyphs: unaccented upper and lowercase letters, numbers 0-9 and a few common punctuation marks. For Ü, you'd want to use monogram-extended.ttf.

Thanks for letting me know!


Following up on this: something really was wonky about the base font export. I've re-generated both files, and they seem to work properly now. Tested on Aseprite at size 16:

I don't have GIMP at hand, but I'd bet it'd be working there as well. Please let me know if you still run into issues on your end.

Thanks again for bringing this up!


Thanks, it now seems to work fine in both programs. Strangely GIMP seems to be able to draw a Ü in any case but automatically uses the Glyph from some other font. This becomes clear at least in the current version of monogram since the Glyph ends up about twice as large as it should.

And as a tiny unrelated sidenote for anyone using the Löve framework, use hinting mode ‘mono’ for best results.

Thanks for the fix!


Hello and thank you for your amazing work. I made a Cyrillic version, it’s available at I hope you don’t mind.


Ha, that's funny, I was about to release an update with Cyrillic characters!

I don't mind version at all! And, if it's ok, could you review the Cyrillic characters I added? I'm not a native speaker, so any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Oof, I should’ve waited a bit. Your version looks beautiful.

Hey, took me a while, but the new characters are up! If you give them a go, I'd love to hear some feedback.

Hey there, I’ve been using your font exclusively for all my game jam entries, and I love it so much! Thank you for all your work!

I recently started updating my games to support Ukrainian language, being Ukrainian myself and all, and I was wondering if you could make a small update with a few extra Cyrillic characters, whenever you have time.

є, і, ї, ґ and their uppercase counterparts are the only missing letters, as far as I can tell.


Hi Dmitriy! Yeah, I ran the font through this charset checker and it seems I missed those Ukrainian characters, sorry!

I don't anticipate having time to add them in the coming few days, but I'll be sure to push an update as soon as I get some free time.

Thanks for the feedback!


Hello! The latest version of PICO-8 added the ability to define custom fonts, so I ported yours as example to learn the system. PICO-8 is a fantasy console emulator with retro feeling and restrictions; this new thing doesn’t require to use sprites or complicated code, so I have a feeling it will be popular.

I have only shared the screenshot so far, not the code; I could send it to you if you wanted to publish it under your own account, or share it myself on the PICO-8 community forum with attribution, or delete it — just let me know what you prefer! (Due to how PICO-8 works, if I use this font in my game anyone could copy it.)


This looks pretty awesome! I have just started playing around with PICO-8 and I love it so far, but I didn't realize custom fonts were being added, that sounds great!

Absolutely go ahead and publish it yourself, and thanks for doing the work of porting it! Shoot me a link when it's up so I can tweet about it!

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We used to have to draw sprites for custom fonts, using special code to convert text to sprites, now it’s all handled for us! (but you have to draw glyphs as binary numbers, like 0b01110 for the first row of A, or use a cart tool to generate code from sprites — a few of us are making such tools).

I will send you a text file and a PICO-8 cart with the commands to define the font in PICO-8 and the link to the BBS thread when I complete my tool. Thanks for the permission!

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This is the code to paste into a pico8 cart to use the font with pico8 2.2.2:


print("\14quick lazy fox dog")

Feel free to make it a downlod as a text file or a pico8 cart with a screenshot as cart label, or let me know if I should make one. Get on the pico-8 tag! :-)

My tool is a cart with the font drawn in the spritesheet and code that gets pixels from the spritesheet and turns it into the hex numbers above. I redrew your font and had to change some letters (we can’t have descenders) and I changed the spacing for some of the punctuation characters for consistency. I added some of my own characters but didn’t complete the full pico8 repertoire: the font is from “!” to “house” (ordinal code 33 to 138), there are more characters after that for arrow buttons, star, music note, etc. and katakana. Here’s a screenshot:

I haven’t published my tool yet; I’ll use your font as example with a link here when I do!

This is pretty sweet, merwok! Thanks a lot!

Thank you for providing this font. Love it so much I used it in many of my personal projects. I also made a game using this font at

Thanks for the font, I really liked it :D. I used it for my puzzle game Ot:

Love the font and I use it often. I made a game recently with this font. Here is the link:


Thank you so much for this font! I've been using it for a mod of Cave Story. It fits the game really well!

I'm glad you like it! Drop me a link to the mod when it's out!

It's already out!

That's cool, I didn't know Cave Story had been so thoroughly decompiled. Pretty cool seeing my font in the game!

Hey there! I've been compiling a list of projects using monogram and this repo seems to have been taken down. Is this project still going?

Heya! Sadly... Nicalis, IP owners of Cave Story in ther US, took down the CSE2 decompilation effort and all its forks, including the Tweaked project. The project itself is not down per se yet (i'm still figuring out how to keep going from here), but I'd advise against linking to it,as I'd prefer you to not get involved in potential legal hassles over it.

Thanks for asking, and best of luck with this font!

That's a goddamn shame, sorry they went after you. Thanks for the heads up, hope you can reinstate the project somehow!

Thanks for this really good looking font. I used it for my game:

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I'm glad you like it! Just played through Gravitus, pretty fun! It gets really tough in the later levels hahaha. Good job!

Loving the style and authentic retro look, really looking forward to use it in my pixel art projects. Thanks!

Thanks! Looking forward to using this in my new game.

how do you use this on your theme? ive been trying to figure out how and theres no tutorials and nothing on anyone elses pages on how 

You gotta email itch and ask them to enable custom css support for your pages. It took them a couple days to get back to me, so you might need to be patient.

Man, you're awesome! I love this, this is awesome! Will definately throw you some bones ($$$) if i use this. 🙏 ✝ You're a saint!

its done yay i didn't find my original comment but here is the link

(i have mentioned you in the credits and the dev log) 


very cool font cold add support for the cyrillic alphabet абвгдежзийклмнопрст

I can't download it with the app, i think it would be nice if there was a zipped version. That way i could download it from the app...


Hey there, I didn't realize .ttf files weren't downloadable from the itch app. I've uploaded a file, which contains both versions of the font, so hopefully that's sorted out now. Please let me know if it works!



On of my favorite pixel art font! Nice work!

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

BTW just checked your profile and realized you're French. Are there any French characters or diacritics missing from the font?

Hmm. I don't know, maybe some caracter with accent? Like éèàùç and this accent for all the caracter ^

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Cool font, can you add Spanish characters like "á, é, í, ó,ú" was the first thing that jump to my sight when i installed and saw the examples :P


For sure, those will be in the next revision.

I'm Brazilian, so I'm already missing some of those characters myself hahahah


Hi, great work.

Is it possible that you can include special characters like the danish 'æ Æ', 'ø Ø' and 'å Å'.


Sure, I'll try and include those in the next revision of the font. Thanks for the feedback!

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Hey Martin, if it's ok I'd like your help.

I'm adding danish characters to monogram, but since I can't read danish, I don't know whether the result is actually legible. I'm particularly worried about 'æ' and 'Æ', since those characters are very wide, and representing them in a 5px wide monospace font is pretty hard.

If you can, please try it out at and tell me what you think!