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A slick fixed-size typeface, for the building
of quality video games and software projects.

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Monogram is a monospace bitmap font that's completely free to use, no attribution required, released into public domain under CC0 1.0 licensing. It's designed to work well with retro and pixel art style games, but feel free to use it wherever!

If you like my work, please consider dropping me a dollar. And please let me know if this font ends up in a cool project of yours!

UPDATE: "monogram extended" is now available, with support for Spanish, German, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch, and Portuguese alphabets! Check the downloads below!

details and technical info

12 pt | 104 glyphs | 10 kb

suggested usage size:
multiples of 12 pt or 16 px




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monogram.ttf 10 kB
monogram_extended.ttf 33 kB
monogram_extended.zip 12 kB

Development log


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how do you use this on your theme? ive been trying to figure out how and theres no tutorials and nothing on anyone elses pages on how 

You gotta email itch and ask them to enable custom css support for your pages. It took them a couple days to get back to me, so you might need to be patient.

Man, you're awesome! I love this, this is awesome! Will definately throw you some bones ($$$) if i use this. 🙏 ✝ You're a saint!

its done yay i didn't find my original comment but here is the link https://lyubomir35.itch.io/formex-adventure

(i have mentioned you in the credits and the dev log) 


very cool font although.you cold add support for the cyrillic alphabet абвгдежзийклмнопрст

I can't download it with the itch.io app, i think it would be nice if there was a zipped version. That way i could download it from the app...


Hey there, I didn't realize .ttf files weren't downloadable from the itch app. I've uploaded a monogram_extended.zip file, which contains both versions of the font, so hopefully that's sorted out now. Please let me know if it works!



On of my favorite pixel art font! Nice work!

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

BTW just checked your profile and realized you're French. Are there any French characters or diacritics missing from the font?

Hmm. I don't know, maybe some caracter with accent? Like éèàùç and this accent for all the caracter ^

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Cool font, can you add Spanish characters like "á, é, í, ó,ú" was the first thing that jump to my sight when i installed and saw the examples :P


For sure, those will be in the next revision.

I'm Brazilian, so I'm already missing some of those characters myself hahahah


Hi, great work.

Is it possible that you can include special characters like the danish 'æ Æ', 'ø Ø' and 'å Å'.


Sure, I'll try and include those in the next revision of the font. Thanks for the feedback!

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Hey Martin, if it's ok I'd like your help.

I'm adding danish characters to monogram, but since I can't read danish, I don't know whether the result is actually legible. I'm particularly worried about 'æ' and 'Æ', since those characters are very wide, and representing them in a 5px wide monospace font is pretty hard.

If you can, please try it out at bit.ly/monogram_ext and tell me what you think!